Norden Surfboards Displacement

norden Surfboards - Displacement RedThis shape is specifically designed for those who like and appreciate unique pleasure of single fin surfing. This beautiful board combines the strengths of two timeless classic surfboard designs in one shape: the Disc and the Displacement hull. A wide, but round outline enables you turn in any radius you need, and a rolled bottom plus 50/50 rails will give you that classic, but neutral feel of superior single-fin ‘glide’. Slipping and sliding down the line, this shape has been the most sought after board in the norden range, since we brought it to the beach the first time. If your are an expert or a beginner in the single fin arena, this board is a winner.

Size: 6´10 x 22 3/4 x 3 … one size fits all!!!


US center-fin,
tinted design,
polished finish

EUR 589,-

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