Norden Surfboards Shark

The norden ‘Shark’ is our maximum-versatility shortboard. Although a “hybrid”, with more boxy rails, an extra bit of volume and a nice tail-kick for stability, paddle speed and added control, this board remains to be the perfect tool for powerful turns, big floaters and slashing cutbacks. The advantage of the shape is its guaranteed performance in a variety of different conditions. This board is very popular with intermediate riders, but lends itself equally well to those want to make the transition to a more explosive and dynamic type of surfing.

Our new Epoxy Line ist a slightly lighter and stronger surfboard tecnology. The EPS core with the wooden stringer has a simular flex to normal blanks but it is way lighter. Due to this fact we could apply more layers of glass which make the boards a bit stronger. On our opinion this tecnologie does not make sence on every shape design. Therefore we have tested many of our boards with this technology and created a small line of shapes that match up perfectly with these new material.

The EPS/Epoxy Line is very ecofriendly. EPS Blank are blown with hot steam based on water and Epoxy resin doesn´t create any toxic gas.

Size: 6´6 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/4

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FCS fins
spray design
polished finish

EUR 499,-

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