Without the help of our friends in and out of the water, norden Surboards would not be what it is today. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate for being surrounded by a group people that we can always count on to share our vision and passion for the act of surfing.

For their ongoing support we would like to give special thanks to the following people:

Glen D´arcy
THE MAN in the shaping-bay, who has generously shared the wealth of his experience right from the start, and who tirelessly keeps on mowing foam for us in order to keep our customers wanting more of our surfboards.

Kirstin Dobrot
For lending us her creative spirit all along, out of which the Norden-Surfboards logo was born. Her great artistic support has been an invaluable blessing ever since.

Oliver Fuchs
Who always finds the words for all the ideas, passion and stoke that keeps buzzing in our heads, and which he actually manages to put down on paper in a way that somehow ends up making sense.

Kalle Graeper
For being a most dependable “fire-fighter” for the company, may it be behind the computer – to take care of the website – or to provide the critical manpower when things heat up in our warehouse.

Our team riders
past & present – who we can always count on to make our brand visible, and who challenge us to refine our shapes and designs in order to offer the most fun boards around:

Norden Surfboards ProduzentenOur Manufacturers
Without their technical knowledge, flawless quality and straight forward communication, we wouldn´t  be able to deliver  the high quality standard, that we are known for!  Thank you all!


All the photographers who have supplied and supported us with a wealth of great pictures over the years: Tom Körber, Bevis Nickel, Henning Nockel, Michael Mach, Nils Patrick Geiselbrecht, Peter Garzke, Jürgen Schall

…your skills and efforts are much appreciated!

The magazines and publications that have been essential for putting our name, products and spirit out there: Blue, Surfers, Daily Dose,,

Our dealers and retail-partners – who continue to invest their trust in our products and the philosophy of our brand.

Many thanks to all the surfers out there, who support our vision, and who continue to share our passion for surfing with us. We hope you always find a wave!

LASTLY: Mother Nature
For offering us the world’s greatest playground. Remember, after all, the waves that we all so love to ride will always keep coming…
…and they are free!


Angelo Schmitt Andy Wirtz
(Founder & Art Director) (Founder & Company Director)