Norden Surfboards - Fins

Norden Dolphin FinDOLPHIN FIN:
The traditional fi n shape, base wider than the tip giving free fl owing through turns. The big variety of combinations, eg. 2 side fi ns with 5-7” Tail Fin, the bigger fi ns are the best used as a single fi n only, good for solid surf, Point Breaks etc. Where speed is the essence.

Sizes: 7.5, 8.25
Price: 63,90 EUR
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Norden Flex FinFLEX FIN:
Similar to the Dolphin, but with a narrow top half to tip of fi n, that fl exes through out the turns. The best fi n for all retro surfboards and 70 years single fi n guns and eggs.

Size: 7.5, 8.25 and 9 Inch
Price: 57,90 EUR
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Norden Cutaway FinCUTAWAY FIN:
Similar to the Dolphin Shape but with less Rake & cut out to make a narrower base. These fins would be suitable for small, weak surf where pivot type of turn is required, as there is less resistance in the base section. Works best with stabilizers.

Size: 6, 7 Inch
Price: 55,90 EUR
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Norden BoomerangBOOMERANG FIN:
Narrower Base for flex with bulbous egg shaped top end which gives a forward motion flick through turns. The Large Sizes being used on Longboards with Stability and Nose Riding abilit being the main advantage. The small sizes are popular with side fins.

Site: 8, 9 and 10 Inch
Price: 69,90 EUR
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Norden RetrofinRETRO FIN:
Older Style Fin, a very stable, upright fin with hooked bulbous tip, that release well during a turn.

Size: 9 and 10 Inch
Price: 69,90 EUR
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Norden Twin FinsTWIN FINS:
Classic Keel Fins Set-Up, with smooth speed.
The preferred setup for the Retro Fish.

Size: small, medium and large
Price: 69,90 EUR
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