Norden Surfboards - Welle

Surfing is captivating…no doubt! It provides us with the extraordinary opportunity to leave the relentless pace of modern life behind for a while, and to step into absolute tranquillity. Our vision evolved from our own deep appreciation and passion for this incredibly simple, yet unbelievably rich act. We at Norden have had the dream of sharing this ultimately rewarding experience with anyone who wants to genuinely tap into “the stoke” of surfing. We would like you to join us in that magical place that is the ocean.

…Enjoy ‘The Glide’!

Surfing is more popular than ever before, and everybody wants in…we can relate! As dedicated lifestyle surfers – who are after the pure joy of surfing – it is our focus to design and manufacture equipment that will let you taste that fun immediately, rather than to outfit you with gear that will make you look like the latest world champion, but won’t help you to catch waves. As a result our essential mission has been to provide you with a line of highest quality alternative surfboards that will make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to catch waves…anywhere & anytime.