To complement our fine hardware, we are pleased to offer you a selection of norden t-shirts and hoddies. You can choose from a range of prints and styles that were designed to capture and express the essential joy of surfing, even when the swell is flat and you can’t celebrate the simple pleasures of The Glide out in the sea. These garments are made from only the best fabrics to ensure their durability – after all, we want you to enjoy them for a long time! >>> BUY NOW <<<

In addition, our lycra rash-guards protect your skin from the blistering sun in tropical surf, or they give you that extra bit of warmth, when worn under your suit in icy conditions. norden rash-guards are made from 100% Tactel Sensitive Lycra, which has a particularly skin-friendly and velvet-like inner lining, as well as an incredibly smooth outer shell that lets your wetsuit slide over it with ease. All seams are arranged with maximum freedom of movement in mind. No annoying chaffing is guaranteed!