To us surf-kiting is nothing else than regular surfing. By using a kite we are able to access waves that we would normally never had the chance to reach and even onshore days become fantastic surfing conditions all of a sudden. We are talking surfing, not kiting and that is what the norden-surfboards SEAFLIGHT range focusses on, creating surf-kiteboards that work perfectly with your top to bottom lines. We are not trying to change the general idea of a surfboard, just taking our pick on which design and construction elements would be useful for surf-kiting in our opinion.

South African master shaper Glen D’rcy and Andy Wirtz from norden-surfboards, both with a long experience in designing all kinds of surf crafts, created a small line of surf-kiteboards that cover most of our existing conditions. The main focus with the SEAFLIGHT range of course is on the performance when riding a wave but at the end we managed to come up with boards that also go upwind fantastic and are extremely durable even in the roughest conditions.

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