Norden Surfboards offers three different board ranges.
Evolution Boards, Alternative Boards and Performance Boards.

EVOLUTION BOARDS The ‘norden Evolution Series’ forms the core of our line of shapes. The main idea behind this line is to offers you a selection of solid, no nonsense boards that will work for anyone in the broadest possible range of conditions. We want to give you a board that will give you maximum fun at your average home spot and that will not let you down on that magic surf trip to world-class waves. Our plan seems to be working… the Custom Series’ shapes have been favourites of our clients since the beginning of norden surfboards. All these boards have been developed by shaping icon Glen D´arcy and are tested in all kinds conditions by the members of ‘norden Family’.

ALTERNATIVE BOARDS The norden ‘Signature Series’ brings you the finest selection of the most refined alternative boards. Including hybrid fishes, classic noseriders, as well as eggs and more, these shapes are geared towards more experienced surfers and those who want to put that extra performance and finesse into their glide. Opening new doors to your surfing experience, these boards achieve a perfect balance between modern performance elements, classic design features, and a retro look. We limit the colour designs in order to make each board a unique piece of art for you. Made entirely by hand, using only highest quality materials, these boards will last to the past.

PERFORMANCE BOARDS The ‘norden Performance’ Line is our selection of thoroughbred shapes that are fine-tuned for the most technically orientated rider. If the development and expansion of a mind-boggling repertoire of tricks is what you are after, then you will find a board from the Performance selection – long- or shortboard – that is going to satisfy your appetite for radical moves. Focusing exclusively on modern design features, these high-end machines are lighter in weight than our other boards, and are built purely for speed and turning ability. Tucked rails and streamlined bottom contours make the boards extremely responsive and agile. These are shapes that want to be constantly moved and thrown around on the wave. No room for cruising here…it’s all about Performance!

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