Stand Up Paddle boarding to us is a great ad up to our normal surfing and the most fun thing that has showed up in the line up for years. Being able to excess any brake nometter where it´s located, will it be an outside reef, or some sundbar down the cost, which you can not get to on land, the stand up surfboard will take you there. Standing on your board while waiting for the waves to come, gives you a complete new view on all of it. You can see the sets moving in from far away, bring your self in the best spot when peaks are shifting, you will spend more time riding waves then ever before. Riding the smallest wave, that hardly get you going on a longboard or big sets way outside that you might not be able to paddle into, the SUP will give you the opotunity to excess it all. And that´s still not all the benefits the SUP has to offer, you can cruise flat water on lakes or at sea with no swell, watch the sealife or go fishing and all that simple because your are standing on a board instead of lying. For us the SUP will not replace our regular surfing but brings in a new chance to spend more quality time on the water then ever before.

WARNING: Stand Up Surfing is becoming a great hype in many countries and the biggest threat to surfers sitting in the line up. With your Paddleboard you can bring other surfers in danger when you fall off and this big board gets thrown arround. The opurtunity to see the sets earlier and be able to get to the peak quicker then anyone els, sometimes makes us realy greedy. Be repectfull to other surfers using different crafts, make your self a use of the advantage you have with an SUP. You can get any wave anywhere you want. Let some waves pass through to other people that have not explored Stand Up suring yet, search for new spots and avoid crowds. There is plenty of space for all of us, when we are respectfull with each other.

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